Autism and Behavioral Services

BATA’s Autism and Behavioral Services division is devoted to providing the best possible services and supports to children, teenagers and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders. 

Our highly skilled practitioners include Board Certified Behavioral Analysts in addition to ABA/Verbal Behavior and DIR™/Floortime providers,Social Workers, and of course Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists.

We also provide Family Training and ongoing supports for the care-givers.The Autism program consists of 2 divisions:

    • Early Intervention Program (0-3 year olds)
    • Outreach program (3-21 year olds)
For more information, email Autism@batainc.com

Autism Early Intervention

Autism is a general term that is commonly used to refer to many different developmental delays, which the medical community calls “autism spectrum disorders” or “pervasive development disorders.”

Children with autism have difficulty playing, imagining, relating, communicating, interacting, and learning due to their condition. Autism spectrum disorder directly impacts the manner in which a child’s brain functions. If autism treatment services aren’t sought out at an early age, the child’s ability to function at a high level can degrade as the child grows because of the way in which autism affects how children’s brains develop over time.

Our Autism Early Intervention program is geared towards children under the age of 3 and their families. Services, which are provided in the natural environment, are dictated by the child’s IFSP and are based around the family’s routines.

    • ABA/Verbal Behavior
    • Behavioral Assessments
    • Family Training
    • Speech, Language, Oral Motor and PECS™ Services
    • Vision and Hearing Services
    • Occupational Therapy including Fine Motor and Sensory Integration
    • Physical Therapy
For more information, email Autism@batainc.com