About Us


Our Mission

Big Apple Therapy Associates is committed to striving for the highest standard of care for the families and children we service.  We endeavor to empower our families to meet their social-emotional needs and assist the children, whom we service, to maximize their growth and development

Pediatric Therapy Services

Therapist Owned and Operated

Established over 20 years ago, BATA Therapy  provides Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy Services, Special Instruction and Autism/Behavioral Services to the pediatric population — from infancy through young adulthood.
We offer virtual,  school/facility-based and community-based options throughout the State of New Jersey as well as nationwide services.
The BATA Difference

Licensed and Qualified Providers

Our fully licensed and certified providers receive ongoing supervision and mentoring, and our office staff is there to help you with case management, clinical and paperwork issues.

Each client is provided with personalized attention and each plan is custom designed to fit the individual needs. 

Why choose us

The Power of BATA Therapy Services



BATA’s vision is to maximize our special children's potential for a life of Independence. Our therapists view each client as an individual whose potential is unlimited. Using various resources, family members, caregivers, home programs and ongoing therapy services, it all comes together for the client’s ultimate wellbeing.


Family Support

BATA is there for our clients and their family. The staff guides each caregiver from the minute they receive the initial call until discharge. Each therapist is carefully chosen based on the child’s needs and the therapist’s skill. BATA has been on the forefront of outreach. The staff has coordinated meetings and workshop. They have assisted families with receiving grants and resources for therapy. The staff has encouraged and recommended outside specialty programs tailored to the child’s unique diagnosis. Our families never feel alone when they are a part of BATA.


Provider Support

Here at BATA providers are treated as family. The in-house staff support, encourage, and respect our frontline providers who treat out special population. The staff makes themselves available even beyond the office to answer questions whether technical such as paperwork or clinical such as treatment strategies.
We offer ongoing workshops that cover a varied spectrum of the latest topics relevant to all disciplines. All therapists are encouraged to work as a team to maximize the client’s potential. We are not just an agency but a family that cares.